Henan GF New Energy Technologies Co., Ltd. 

Henan GF New Energy Technologies Co., Ltd. was devoted to develop tracker dampers for solar energy industry. Versatile shock absorbers and dampers can be designed and produced by GF. Our feature is to provide customized products with optimal design, great quality and economic price.


Certified with ISO9001, GF has rigid, continuously improved quality system and complete supply-chain system since 1990s. Now we are growing to be a professional manufacturer and one-stop supplier in solar damper development, sales, production, logistics and aftersales.


Committed to customers’ satisfaction, GF damper is devoted to growing together with our partners in global solar energy industry.


      ●  Strong R&D capability. 
      ●  Professional in the field of solar tracker damper.
      ●  Customized products as per customer's requirement.
      ●  Follow industry development closely and keep updated.
      ●  Complete & rigid control on quality and supply-chain.
      ●  Sufficient production capacity.
      ●  One-stop Customer-Focus service.

Products & Application

Oil damper / hydraulic damper - tracker system of solar farm / solar plant

Quality scheme: No defects for delivery

 ISO9001 quality system methods & tools for each section from material incoming, fabrication, inspection to ensure 100% conformed delivery.

PDCA - Plan, Do , Check, Act

●  Step 1 Plan - use 5W1H to find current quality problem and its root factor, set correct method and action plan
●  Step 2 Do - carry out the plan
●  Step 3 Check- examine action results and compare with planned goal.
●  Step 4 Act - conclude and improve

We eliminate or control potential risk factors that might cause quality problems mainly from labor, equipment, material, method, measurement and environment.

Labor - Operators are well trained both in mind and skills. Staff health is also our daily concern.

Equipment - Equipment and tools maintenance follow regular plan and ensure optimal process precision.

Material - Technical processes are elaborately improved in technical method, tooling and operation guide.

Measurement - Measurement tools follows international and industrial standard to ensure conformity with clients request.

Environment - Environment is properly maintained by 6S with comfortable lighting, ventilation, temperature and moisture.

Customer Commitment

GF is total committed with customer focus and satisfaction.
We help clients with our profession in product and also follow clients' requirements in design change, QC control, package, etc to enhance competitive strength in solar energy market.